How new data privacy rules will affect you and your clients

Is your consultancy prepared for GDPR? Are you protected against data breaches and the biggest changes to European privacy legislation in over 20 years? If we’ve already lost you, then you’re not alone. Many businesses aren’t even aware of the new regulations, let alone the strategies they should be actioning right now or the changes that lie ahead. This in-depth article features an exclusive interview with data privacy expert James Leaton Gray, and explains:

  • The new rules on how you collect, use and store personal data
  • Ways to guard against data breaches in order to avoid fines
  • How to explain GDPR to clients and help them implement changes
  • New customer rights and expectations regarding their data

"I'd really recommend it to any professional services business that is looking for a more mature way to manage both operations and growth."
Rob Millar | Managing Director, Comotion Consulting