How will IR35 tax regulations affect your consultancy?

If you hire contractors for public sector work, how much do you know about their working practices? With changes to IR35 tax regulations hitting consultancies in April, you’ll soon need to know much more than you probably ever wanted to.

From April 2017, consultancies will be required to assess the tax compliance and employment circumstances of your contractors, and operate PAYE tax if they fall within set guidelines. And you’ll be penalised if you get it wrong. 

Download our white paper today to find out: 

  • What IR35 compliance means, and why it’s coming into force
  • How to measure the compliance of contractors and what tools to use
  • The impact this process will have on your consultancy business
  • How contractor relationships and freelancing may change

For this extensive guide, we interviewed two leading experts in the fields of law and accountancy, to give you the information you really need to keep yourself and your contractors on the right side of HMRC.

"I'd really recommend it to any professional services business that is looking for a more mature way to manage both operations and growth."
Rob Millar | Managing Director, Comotion Consulting